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Products for vegetable and herb production

Environmentally friendly soil cultivation machinery for vegetable production, ornamental plants, herbs, medicinal plants and special crops.

You find here innovative technology for mechanical and thermic weed management for vegetable production, fitted individually to your special needs. Wether in salad, carrots, onions, tomatoes, cabbage,…. We always find a solution! Also for chives, parsley and so on, as well as lavender, melissa etc.

  • K.U.L.T. ARGUS-Cultivator

    K.U.L.T. ARGUS-Cultivator

    with numerous accessories for mounting in front, back or between the axles

  • K.U.L.T. HABICHT cultivator

    K.U.L.T. HABICHT cultivator

    Solid cultivator developed for intense larger scale operations wider than 2.5 m. Primarily for rear and front mounted equipment.

  • K.U.L.T. Fingerweeder

    K.U.L.T. Fingerweeder

    With the K.U.L.T. Kress fingerweeder you can cultivate within the plant row to reduce manual labor.

  • K.U.L.T. DUO-Paralelogram

    K.U.L.T. DUO-Paralelogram

    The K.U.L.T. DUO parallelogram comes from the think tank at KULT Kress.

  • K.U.L.T. Star cultivator

    K.U.L.T. Star cultivator

    With the K.U.L.T.-Kress Star cultivator you can do all the soil cultivation in raised beds

  • K.U.L.T. Cageweeder

    K.U.L.T. Cageweeder

    With this machine K.U.L.T.-Kress had given a total new idea to mechanical weed control.

  • K.U.L.T. Vison camera steering system

    K.U.L.T. Vison camera steering system

    Accurate and fast inter-row weed control, even at large working widths. This is realized by the optoelectronic system Vision control from K.U.L.T.-Kress.

  • Robovator


    Weeding inside the row – with highest precision

A New camera system on the market - K.U.L.T. official distributor of Pathfinder Agrar from Nalatec


K.U.L.T. has expanded its range of camera guidance systems for hoeing machinery with Nalatec's patented pathfinderAgrar camera system.

The Pathfinder Agrar from Nalatec system, in contrast to the camera guidance from the K.U.L.T.iVision product division, works with a fixed camera mounted on the side of the tractor viewing a row of crop, an APP controlled system activates a hydraulic ram on the lower link of the tractor to position the hoe accurately between the crop rows providing an economic solution to existing tractor and hoe combinations.

Further information at nalatec.at

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